Assalamualaikum and Hi

Ok, I havent blogged lately but trust me, my life was sooo hectic for the past few weeks. I flew to Jakarta with my mum and my aunt, few days after that I went to Batu Pahat, Johor for some campus event and went home to Nilai on the same day -____________-" Well that was not the real story. The story is about a restaurant that i 'lepak' with my cousin at Bogor, the citizen called it as "BAKSO BOEDJANGAN". I promise you this is the most effective-unique-selling-point business ever. Oh oh, I will bring you all into my chaotic story with some delicious ending, so dont close the tab. Just keep reading!

The restaurant went viral few weeks before my arrival. I was quite surprised with the name of the restaurant actually, that called "BAKSO BOEDJANGAN". It is like, "A Single BAKSO" (if you translate it directly) and it makes me wonder too, is that Bakso living single or they only serve to single people 


Anyway, my cousin and I were looking for something to shop that day since both of us rarely meet. Seriously guys, the last time we both met was last year. 2016 when she came to pursue her study in Masters and now she already married. How time flies.. So we went for food hunting, and found this unique restaurant! 

Pardon my forehead. Its quite sexy. I know.

As we arrived, we got our table at the corner of the shop. Literally a nice-sweet-hipster cafe with two sections ; air-conds and smoking with some bakso smell all over the store. We chose air-conds area since it was a sunny day.

I ordered some foods there...

Which obviously, I completly forgot the name! =_________="
I remembered something Bakso with Cheese but not Mozarella cheese (sold out)....


GAWD ITS SOOOO YUMMEHHH!! I hate to say that, I would rather eat 10 bowl there but the prices are too 'cheap' for a student-tourist like me. Yelah, my cousin treated my lunch that day huhuhu. But sure, I will show more pictures if I go there again! >,<

Again, why I called this a a unique-selling-point? As an amateur entrepreneur, you should put USP for your own product so your customers will remember your product/services longer. For an example, have you ever thought that Bakso will 'click' with cheese? Well, I admit that cheese fits with everything (or just me) but not to bakso. Theres so many lemak. But THIS BAKSO BOEDJANGAN really delicious with that cheese melts omg cant move on. I guess, i need to stop. I feel hormonal. *puke*