I felt so nervous to go to school. I havent go to any school since I left it three years ago. I stopped involving myself into schools activities – including kawad kaki. I woke up early and ready for the very first day of internship. Actually, today was not my first day being a teacher. I just came to help for the crosscountry, and I was actually shocked, that we involved as the main AJK for this crosscountry. I was assigned to be the Year 5 timekeeper. My job was to record the first ten runner who were qualified to be representing the school for district level. Since I am using my name as Putri and Kira as Rasyiqah, so do not be confused with my story. Kira was assigned to be the Year 6 timekeeper also, so both of us were having the same job.

We had our warming up with zumba, was trained by the zumba trainer. We also had our briefing before the event started. The last minute decision was made which the event were supposedly started at the Padang Pekan Semporna but I wasn’t sure what was happened so they changed it to in front of our school. After we let the students run freedomly, we went back to school and tried to help the teachers with the other stuff. Suprisingly, 10 minutes later the first runner has came. All of us – including the teachers were surprised! We have not finished decorating the school hall. We rushed and everything turns more chaos when more students came. Everything so hectic but went well. Right after I counted the first ten winner, this one teacher named Cikgu Ariathy asked me to handle the Year 4 registration because the was no teachers there. So I moved there and helped. Gladly everything turns out pretty well even we might have a lil bit misunderstanding with the teachers there. But I really glad thath I could help.

We had our closing ceremony at 9am, all teachers and secretariat has been ready for the closing ceremony. There were a lot of potential runners from here. I hope our school will win! Omg, am I a part of the school? Hihihi. So excited. So we went home around 11am. It was a very wonderful day :)

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