OOTD are stands for Outfit Of The Day. It is like a part of someone's life whom really enthusiast with fashion and also photoshoot. However, it takes courage and highly motivation for someone to get a shoot. It might be easy for someone who does not care about the reaction of people who passed by, but for certain people it would risk their life at stake even by the end of the day, the result of the shoot can motivates them to be more confident.

Today, I will reveal some of the OOTD Tips just for a shy shy cat person out there which it could help you to be more confident in front of a camera and get a good shot. These tips are actually based on my experiences, well I am a shy person before (until now). But now I have a confident a bit lah... So without any further ado, lets jump into the tips!


Okay, this is very synonym to OOTD. You are supposed to promote your outfit to public so you need a clear big wall behind you. Make sure, you choose your photoshoot venue first.  Then, you have to stand in front of the wall in between two to five inches, and your photographer need to be awaaaaaay in front of you so the photographer could get a good shot of you. Please bear in mind that your outfit is the main attraction, so choose the nicest wall that you have seen there. Here some extra tips, colour blocking wall really helps in your OOTD.


If you think that you are not confident with outdoor photoshoot, you might need to try the indoor photoshoot. The tricks are quite the same with the outdoor. But the disadvantage of having an indoor photoshoot is there will be not enough lighting. Believe me, lighting is the most crucial thing in photography. Especially in OOTD, or even selfie. In the building, you can just choose the place that facing the sunlight and to make it not too obvious when people passing by, you can just move few steps inside the room just to make yourself hidden a bit. Yeah, you are a shy shy cat but with a high high confident, so you need to do this!


Well, there is some cases where you can not find any big clear wall. There is some situation that force you to OOTD in the crowd. Might be worse,  A BIG CROWD. This situation might be possible, when you are in a holiday or travelling anywhere or having some short trip. Oh god, I love being a tourist. You need to act naturally even if you are shy. I know, when you are travelling somewhere, there must be a new outfit that you bought and you want to show off to the world, and OOTD is the best way to express it. But still, act naturally. You do not have to pose like an international model. You are a shy shy cat person. Remember that!


Next, you need to take multiple shoots. Why ? Because, you are a shy person. Trust me. A shy person will not get a perfect shoot in their first time. Because I have been through it. Multiple shoot is the best shoot ever. Why? Even if you are moving, you can make sure that you will get a pose. But still, pose naturally! You are a shy person, be like one.


There is no other way but being yourself. Even you have to hide, or act naturally, or posing for the thousands time in front of the big giant wall, if you are not being yourself, it just meaningless. Be yourself means, you express yourself with your outfit without copying others. The way you pose, or the way you makeup just be the real you. You can just take someone to take your picture, candid-ly. Actually, candid picture is the best. They show the real you. Yes, you are a shy shy person but it does not mean, you do not have your identity. Remember, BE YOURSELF. 

Those are FIVE Tips on how to OOTD for a Shy Shy Cat. Well, actually I did not realise that I could make it! See, I told you that I am a shy shy person. So I really understand you guys, but now its the time to get out from your comfort zone! Be challenging! And for those who are shy shy cat and think that this post will motivates someone to be confident while OOTD, please share it! 

Shy shy cat - malu malu kucing

Lady M.


  1. What if I want to OOTD so bad but I dont have cool outfits hmm...??

    1. Nahh, u liar. You have a lot of cool OOTD :p

  2. Haih.. kalau zie, mmg idok ler ootd.. pergi keje pun pakai sepesen gitu jugak.. hahaha..

    1. Hahaha, ni pun masa tengah belajar je Zie. Tengok nanti bila dah start kerja, lain pulak pesen nye kihkih

  3. Yess! Clear big wall! Kalau jumpa, memang excited nak ambik ootd. Hihi. Multiple shoot is a must :D