Im being a very productive writer for the past few weeks - hence, no update at all. My laptop charger has been broken so I had no idea on how to update my blog. What is the most painful than having a broken laptop charger? *cry* Luckily, my mother lend me her laptop -  so I can update my blog. Gosh, I missed writing so much!

What did I do for the time being absence? I faced a lot of real-life-drama. Well, if your life has no drama, there's no spice in it. Real-life-drama really makes yourself stronger than you ever thought. And I went to few places, no worries will write it up! Also, managing some little business thingy which I will also write about it up, but not for this time being lah. Need a lot of things to start up, kih kih.

I love reading. I mean, I was a nerd before. 

Am I really admit that I am a NERD?


Reading makes you travel in your own imagination. By only reading, you can discover other places with your own mind. Plus, you will look smarter.

I have been waiting for Big Bad Wolf for the whole year, but still I dont think that I had any chances to go there. This world needs me more than I need those books. So I asked my lovely sister to buy it for me. Thank goodness, she was being kind to me. Love you sister.

So here is the lists of my haul :-
1. Fiction - A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall.
2. Fiction - The Vanishing Game by Kate Kae Myers.
3. Kertas Model Peperiksaan JOM UPSR
4. Kertas Model Peperiksaan UPSR Bahasa Inggeris.
5. Lembaran Kerja English Year 3.
6. One Direction Button.

I swear to god, the button really handsome because of the One Direction. 

Do you smell any teachers-to-be in this post? Yes. I am a future elementary school teacher. It means, by next year you guys will read a lot of school stories in my blog. I am pretty sure, there will be a lot of funny stories. Cant wait! But still, first thing first, I need to be ready. So these books are a part of my preparation. Please, wish me luck.

Lets jump into the synopsis of the fictions that I bought. 

 1. A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall.
I am not sure of the stiry, it says here "fourteen viewpoints one love story." My first impression on this novel is, this novel is pretty. It is a soft-pink colour with the embossed graphic on the cover. The level of grammar is easy. If you are the beginner of english and would like to enhance more your vocabulary, I think this book suits you. The story arrangements are nice and I will let you guys know more after I read this. But my first impression on this book, is a recommended.

2. The Vanishing Game by Kate Kae Myers.
The cover of this book is really scary. It shows the upside down house. The upside house is spooky, black and mysterious and a couple standing at the window. They looks sweet together but mysterious. Then the downside house is the same house. It looks like the situation of the house is in the evening cause it looks brighter than the another house. And I see there is a man at the window and waving? Is it waving? I am not sure, but I think this is a mysterious fiction novel, and I am going to love it. I love mysterious story than the love story actually. But, i will also write about it up once I finished read this. And for the cover, it is a recommended book.

Many people say "dont judge a book by its cover." But I am a book cover person. Sorry books.

SO thats all my haul. Will share more to you guys later.

Bye for now.

Lady M.


  1. same! im book cover person too! mostly look at the covers first rather than reading the book's sypnosys haha.. woahh a teacher to be :) goodluck from a student hehe :)