Watsons Malaysia introduced an exclusive addition of Naturals by Watsons skin care that are made with certified organic ingredients. Inspired to bring skin benefits from within, the organic skin care feature a line-up of environmental-friendly essentials which focuses on two powerful natural ingredients for each range, namely Rice Bran & Soy Bean and Tea Tree & Green Tea.

During the launch held at Setia Alam, the benefits of rice bran and tea tree skincare are illustrated through product demonstration followed by testimonial reviews on the floor. Present at the event, Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia shared, "Watsons is proud to infuse eco-friendly ingredients such as rice bran, soy bean, green tea and tea tree into plant-centric skin care products. Through harnessing the power of plant, Naturals by Watsons skin care brings the closest Nature benefits to everyone using certified organic farming methods.

Nowadays, the notion of beauty is more than skin deep is challenged when our skin absorbs more complex and synthetic chemicals for head-to-toe care routine. In the face of growing awareness on the quality and ingredient-focused products,Naturals by Watsons continues to capture more back-to-basic products by developing skin nourishing properties with the latest beauty innovation.

The latest Naturals by Watsons skin care comes in two matchless variants created for different skin types. Rice Bran & Soy Bean variant is available in five different stock keeping units (SKUs) - from cleansing foam, cleansing scrub, essence lotion, daily cream and sun care lotion. An ancient beauty nutrients, helps achieve youthful and radiant looking skin all day. This line product combines a powerful blend of natural ingredients that delivers healthy and luminous complexion.

Spotlight to Tea Tree & Green Tea based variant. Dwsigned for oil-control solutions, it comes in 3-step essential skin routine from cleansing gel to toner followed by mattifying lotion. When used, the seamless infusion of these plant ingredients produces light formulation on the skin. This purifying range not only leaves skin refreshed, but also gives smoother and clearer complexion without robbing skin of moisture. 

The line-up of Rice Bran & Soy Bean adn Tea Tree & Green Tea products are comfortably priced between RM 39.90 to Rm 49.90

Created with finest natural ingredients,Naturals by Watsons extends up to 10 unique and nourishing ingredient based essentials such as Chia Seed, Quinoa, Coffee,Paw Paw, Aloe Vera,Argan,Blood Orange, Marula, Olive and Prestige Rose. From Head-to-toe, each ingredient isavailable in the mix of body care and hair care range.

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  1. I wanted to try so I bought the Tea Tree & Green Tea Mattifying Toner and Mattifying Lotion. I'm not new to the world of skincare and I have tried many products (both Korean, Japanese and western) and have a regular daily AM/PM regime. My review? These are the worst products I have ever used. The toner made my face oilier than ever and the lotion pills my other skincare products. Do not buy this line. If these products were cheaper, I could probably forgive them, but when you are selling at the comparable price points as more experienced Korean brands such as The Face Shop, Nature Republic, COSRX, Apieu - people expect equal quality. This definitely does not.