I'm Mia. Literally, 20. I had nothing much to say. I am very passionate in writing and sharing. I have tried everything to involve in this english-blogging-thingy until I realised, I need more time to learn all this stuff. It all started when I saw my blog was messed up and I thought it would be nice if i re-decorate it with something new. Something fresh. Something nice. Something petite. So, here it is. 
Welcome to Myraaaaawr Site.

But still, learning needs time to process isnt it? Living and raised in a non-english-spoken country, is quite challenging for me but it's fun! I learnt new cultures everyday. How to this, how to do that, what is that mean and all. It excites me to write and sharing to the world through my writings. Blogging is my platform to share all personal stories and my journey. This is my site, and this is my happiness. Hopefully will be your happiness, too!