Halo gais. Another chapter of my story, well lets get into the story straight. 

Many of you must have been knowing that I am trying my luck for being an entrepreneuer, inspired with my late dad's skills. I even pursue everything that he left just because I know that 9/10 source of income are from being an entrepreneuer. 

So fast forward, I have my own company now and has been growth for one year this July. I am so excited and blessed at the same time. But being an entrepreneur was a little bit challenge for me, because I didnt read the manuals. Hahaha. I literally did not expecting that it was so tough to handle all the things at the same time alone. I also didnt realised that being an entrepreneuer was different from being a businessman. Entreprenuer means you have your own team. You let them decide, you build your empire, you build your team. Not forcing yourself to go alone. Now I am really believe in this quote which I happen to hear it alot. "If you want to go BIG, go alone. If you want to go BIG and FAR, go Together." Make sense huh?

Long story short, I did applied for many pinjaman so I can pray that I could survive, taklah mati tengah jalan. Guess what? Im scared. So I didnt submit my application form. Poor huh? 

SO I made another huge decision where I try to use anything that I have, 
and ended up, all gone. 
So I need to find another sources. Alhamdulillah, i got another but then 
it went all gone also. 
I have to face alot of challenges and now i am at that phase. 

THAT PHASE where you are being tested and makes you confused and giving you a lil headache of what were you doing all these time and what were you thinking before you even made this deal? And sometimes you even want to give up, or worst -- jump off the building. 

This is not just about being fame, being rich but the consequences when you jump into something that you are not great at. You have the knowledge but you still havent use all of your knowledge into your business. And it keeps on failing. I even have a thought that, "even the universe does not want me to do this. I should stop and leave this all behind."

So I went to all of the places and searching any store that can I rent, and its so F- expensive. How do these people works? Are they born with a silver spoon and trade the spoon to the pawnshop? 

Nevermind, i took it as a challenge. So i stop  searching. Pretty simple, huh? 

What did I do next? Im crying. Again and again and again. Probably, I could just stop whining and start doing but whenever you stucked, all you can do was just crying. Let the burden leaves with your tears. So I told my mum about my journey today, she said to me that she was pretty shocked with all the consequences that I had to face. She said that, nevermind and take it as a challenge. Maybe this is the first step to succeed. I took it as a motivation and burn my spirit up. She said, just do whatever you want and use whatever you have. Keep pushing yourself and sometimes you are not alive when you cant be a fighter. So be a fighter. 

I keep on boosting my spirit that I am a fighter and will never ever stop, as I know, that i can be better. Wayyyyyy better than now you sleepy head. or si cengeng. So the moral of the story was, you might ended up to be something that you've never plan. Although Allah is the best planner but you cant predict. So stay positive, keep on boosting your animal spirit inside cause when the time comes, you will be thankful to yourself. And please be a fighter not a survivor. 

p.s : now, where do i start to be a fighter? Should i fill in an application? :( #clueless



  1. You already are a fighter.
    So sorry to hear about the predicament that you've been through.
    May HE ease everything for you pretty soon :)

  2. semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan

  3. Tough journey but insyaAllah rainbow is coming! Moga dipermudahkan semuanya 🤗

  4. May Allah ease your tough journey dear :D